Seasonal platform features & how they benefit your trading

A.I. powered seasonal trading softwareIf you've seen any of my recent emails then you'll know that we've been working on something pretty big recently, and I'm delighted to tell you the wait is over, our new seasonal platform is now live. You can now log in and start using it for yourself. 

Over 12 months of planning, development and testing has led to the creation of what I believe to be one of the smartest and most powerful platforms for traders and investors anywhere online today. It does so much and contains so much in formation that it will completely change the way I identify opportunities and most likely completely change the way I trade overall.

From planning my trades for me, giving me stats on performance and returns, showing me the true movement of a market, showing me multiple patterns at play and which pattern the market is actually following, the intelligence of this platform is mind blowing, so below I will walk you through some of the main functions and features of the platform, and more importantly, how they can benefit your trading. 

First off, is the A.I. powered heartbeat of our new platform, the seasonal planner, which shows you in an easy to follow calendar, exactly when each optimum seasonal pattern is set to begin. These patterns are handpicked by our A.I. based on their historical performance and returns and allow you to easily find the optimum trading conditions of any market. 

seasonal plannerThe planner doesn’t just show you one pattern, it shows you three. It shows you optimum patterns from the all-time seasonal average pattern, the 20-year average pattern and also the current US election cycle pattern (2023 is a Pre-election year so it shows patterns based on those years), each are colour coded so you know which is which. 

If you want to focus on particular markets, the filter at the top allows you to scan by market type, such as metals, currencies, or stocks, so you can find the markets you’re really interested in much quicker. 

Next on our new seasonal dashboard are the peak performance tables where you can find the top 10 upcoming patterns with the highest success rate, as well as the top 10 patterns with the highest annualised returns. The patterns in these tables are also based on the three seasonal averages named above and give their start date and duration as well as some additional key performance statistics.   

optimum seasonal patterns tableWe then move on to a personal favourite of mine within the platform and something I have never seen anywhere else before, and that is the seasonal and market correlations.

Seasonal patterns are very powerful when a market is following that pattern, but when its not, the success rate drops off significantly. This is something that a lot of traders struggle with when using seasonality, and to help combat this the platform tells you how closely a market is following its patterns, so you can concentrate your efforts on the markets with the strongest correlations, and the expected path of those markets. We need a market to have a positive correlation with a pattern, the higher the better, with the best patterns having correlations of 60% and above. For your ease, you will also see a list of the top 20 markets with the strongest seasonal correlations and to which pattern they are correlated with on the dashboard. This is an excellent place to start if you are completely new to seasonal trading.

seasonal pattern correlationsIf a market is not following a seasonal pattern, all is not lost. Our advanced features, What if and True Path can show you the path the market is now taking instead, but I will save the explanations of those features for another time as these are a whole chapter to themselves, and will be invaluable to experienced traders and investors alike. 

You will also see market correlations shown underneath the main seasonal chart. This tells you the top 5 markets, the current market you are viewing is positively or negatively correlated with, allowing you to find multiple markets that are following similar patterns quickly increasing your trading and investing opportunities.
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Finally, for this post at least, are the seasonal charts themselves and how you can find pattern information. Along the bottom of each chart (below, left) you will see horizontal red bars, these bars indicate the beginning and end dates of the optimum patterns identified by our A.I. and these are the dates that are indicated in our seasonal planner. If you click on a pattern a stats panel will open in the top right hand corner of the chart giving you the success rate and annualised return of the pattern, and if you scroll down the page, you will also find additional performance tables to back up the pattern and why it has been chosen. 
seasonal charts
If you want to find your own patterns, perhaps over a longer period if you are an investor, you can simply left click on the chart and drag your cursor from the start date to the end date you are interested in (above, right). This will show you all the information you need to decide if this is a significant pattern or not, and if it is tradable. Note, you will be able to find some patterns with higher success rates than the patterns our A.I. has found. This is because the A.I. is optimised for success and returns both, so a shorter period with higher returns will always be favoured. If success rate is your primary goal, there are other patterns out there for you to find. 

Test these features for yourself and you will quickly see how powerful the information is that is contained in this platform. There are many other areas such as the advanced features I mentioned earlier, but the above is more than enough to get you started. Keep an eye for further emails and also updates on our YouTube channel for more info. 

Happy trading 

Ray Gilmour
Founder & Senior analyst
at Markets Made