A.I. Powered Trading Assistant

A.I. driven tradingAs you may know, we have been working on something very big for the past 12 months, a new A.I. driven seasonal platform, that will take seasonal trading to a whole new level. A platform that has at its core, a virtual trading assistant that finds the optimum time to trade any market, so you can focus your efforts on trading or investing in the highest quality markets.

The platform isn't ready for launch just yet, but we are getting close, so I wanted to share with you some insights into exactly how A.I. will completely transform the way you trade and invest.

Trading and investing are all about finding the best periods to trade a given market, and by using seasonal patterns we can make this selection easier, but there are always multiple patterns at play and also other factors that can impact their effectiveness, which can make seasonal trading harder than it appears on the surface, but with A.I. we can transform this process so the hard work is done for you and we can concentrate on our trading.

Seasonal Planner

Seasonal trading is not simply a case of trading every bullish or bearish phase of a seasonal chart. We need to find periods that are both statistically significant, and also relevant to current market conditions, and our new A.I. powered virtual assistant can do exactly that.

Using A.I. we can find patterns that meet strict criteria in terms of their historical performance and their returns and have our virtual assistant feed these into our new seasonal planner, so you have this information at your fingertips every day as you trade.

A.I. powered seasonal patterns with entry and exit dates

The seasonal planner gives us the start and end dates for all optimum patterns, removing the heavy lifting of selecting markets to trade, so we can focus on finding great trades. As you can see from the planner for February above, there have already been periods this month in major markets such as the S&P500, US dollar index, British Pound, Copper, Gold, Japanese Yen, and Platinum to name just a few.

The planner also allows us to then open each markets seasonal chart so we can see all the stats the virtual assistant has found based on that pattern, success rate, return, consistency, so we know for sure we are trading the best pattern. Stay tuned for more on the seasonal charts soon.

This information alone will completely transform the way I trade as it gives me high quality trade ideas every day, but this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms what this platform and it’s A.I. can do, so keep an eye on your inbox over the coming weeks and I will bring you up to speed on everything we have been working on for the past 12 months, and on how A.I. will transform your trading. 

Happy Trading

Ray Gilmour
Founder & Senior analyst at Markets Made Clear.com