A.I. found this trade - Use it to find yours.

Our new seasonal trading platform has only been live a few weeks and already it's performing beyond our expectations. The ease in which is it finding quality markets to trade is staggering and its starting to make a mockery of the endless hours of hard work I have put in over the years, trying to do all this manually.

The below trade in McDonald's is a great example. Our A.I. identified March 24th to April 12 as the best time trade McDonald's throughout the whole year, with a 90% success rate for this pattern over the last 20 years, 90%, that's 18 years out of the last 20, and a 78% annualised return over the period. These are the kind of probabilities I have always wanted to be trading, and now I can, without the endless hours of effort to find them.

Optimum time to trade McDonalds stock

And what did it do this year? Well, right on cue McDonald's broke higher on March 24th following the typical first quarter range bound conditions we historically see in this market, and pushed strongly higher to the completion of its optimum period on April 12th. Yet another success for this pattern, with an above average return as well. 
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Yes, you have missed this pattern but the good news is there are many more, just make sure you don't miss the next one.
McDonalds daily price chart following seasonal average

Not all seasonal patterns play out like this but with help from our A.I. and the guidance from our seasonal correlations, showing McDonald's was tracking its seasonal average with an almost 80% positive correlation (check out the correlations at the top of the seasonal chart), you will be able to trade high probability setups just like this one, time and time again.

Check out the platform for yourself and let it find you quality trades, in stocks, commodities or currencies. The A.I. will find the optimum time to trade any market.

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Ray Gilmour
Founder & Senior analyst at Markets Made Clear.com