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CoT Platform
Analyse the active positions in every major asset class, including Indices, commodities, bonds and foreign exchange, using our comprehensive Commitments of trader's charts.
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Seasonal Platform
Identify the optimum period to trade any market, with A.I. powered seasonal patterns. Includes trade planner, True Path, seasonal correlations and custom pattern finder.
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Trusted and loved by our users

I have used the CoT data and seasonal charts on Marketsmadeclear for years and I thought I had all the information I needed, but the new seasonal platform has changed everything. I never believed there was so much untapped information within seasonal patterns, but the platform has showed me I’ve only been scraping the surface all these years. Hats off to Ray and the team, they have completely changed the way I look at markets. 
C. Michelson
I love the seasonal planner. Having all the patterns in one simple calendar is very clever and it’s saves me a lot of time. I used to get overwhelmed looking at seasonal charts but the way they are presented here is fantastic.
A. Weber
I never had much success with seasonal patterns in the past, but seeing the optimum patterns here tells me I've clearly been doing it wrong. 
J. Yang
I'm not the best at preparing for trades so a friend of mine suggested I look at seasonal patterns to help me with that, but it seemed like a lot of work. I discovered Marketsmadeclear a few weeks ago and its maybe not as much work as I first thought. Its early days but it looks like its doing a lot of work for me, so all I have to do is work on my discipline and put in a little time a side for planning.
S. Wilson
Having the commitments of traders and seasonal charts together in one place is genius. I had never considered looking at the two together like this, but it makes so much sense now when I see it.
K. Kumar
I've known Ray for a number of years and the way he talks about seasonality is very impressive but until now I've never been able to replicate his level of understanding of the patterns. The new platform contains everything Ray has ever told me me about seasonality, its like having him with me every day as I trade. 
S. Janssen

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For many years our free trials had been completely open but due to our increasing popularity, our system was clogged up with spam accounts copying and stealing our information. In an effort to reduce this and to improve the experience for genuine users, we have unfortunately been forced to add payment verification. Free trials are still free and if you cancel within the 7-day trial period, you will not be charged.
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