Our main service is the provision of detailed Commitments of Traders analysis derived from the weekly COT Report. We also offer private 1 - 2 - 1 training for anyone seeking to learn more about trading and investing in general or COT. If you would like more information on our training service please sent us a message via our 'contact us' form.
Our free trial includes all of the features of Markets Made Clear's Premier Plan for a maximum of 17 days. At any time during your trial you are able to subscribe the relevant plan that covers the markets that best meet your trading philosophy. Remember to select a plan and make a payment before your trial expires.
Yes. Each free trial starts with a 7 day limit that can be extended by clicking the 'extend free trial button' on the logged in home page. Follow the instructions there and your trial will be extended to up to 17 days.
The markets you should subscribe to will depend greatly on your trading style. We recommend you take a look at all markets available during your trial period and not to just concentrate on markets familiar to you. Then decide for yourself which markets you would benefit most from having access to long term, and choose the appropriate plan.
We accept Visa and MasterCard, debit and credit cards. You can choose to pay on a monthly basis through our online payment system.
All our services are changed in GBP. However you can pay in your local currency and the amount will be converted in to GBP automatically for you at the current exchange rate.
Yes. We always watch the full list of markets covered by the COT report and we will add to our lists any markets we feel our users would benefit from. When markets are added to the Natural or Abstract groupings, they will also be added to your subscription if you subscribe to that group.
At any time you can upgrade to our premium plan form either our natural or vis versa. You can also change between natural or abstract if you feel switching markets will benefit your trading.
Our seasonality analysis of each market is taken using the complete history available of each market. The directional arrow displayed indicates the historical average movement during the current month.
Our data is updated each week at 6:30pm EST in accordance with the release schedule published by the CFTC. Check out our Release schedule notes with our User guide for more information.
It is possible to cancel at any point you no longer need the data. Once you cancel your access will be cut on the day you have paid up to.