Currency Strength Matrix for week starting 22.01.2023

EUR +1
GBP +2
AUD +1
NZD +2
USD -2
CAD -3
CHF -3
JPY +2

This Currency Strength Matrix is updated every weekend, and is calculated based on daily chart structure from close of market each Friday. The arrows represent the trend each currency has against its respective currency. For more information on how the trends are identified, please check out How to score a chart

For a live version of this 'Matrix', which works on all time frames, please
download our MT4 Currency Strength indicator.

Currency Strength Matrix indicator available on Metatrader 4

Currency Strength Matrix MT4 indicator

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Matrix score summary table (Weekly Change)

  Last Week This Week Change
EUR +3 +1 -2
GBP -4 +2 +6
AUD +1 +1 0
NZD 0 +2 +2
USD -2 -2 0
CAD -1 -3 -2
CHF -3 -3 0
JPY +6 +2 -4


Weekly Market Note

Possible trending buys this week

Possible trending sells this week


Possible counter trend buys this week


Possible counter trend sells this week


NOTE - The markets listed above are based on the pairings of the strongest and weakest currencies from
our 'Matrix' as we start the new trading week. These scores will change through the week and these pairings can be found using our live indicator, which will give signal these changes and also works across all time frames. Please use your own judgement before entering these markets.

If considering the counter trend pairings from the list above, please check your charts to make sure that the current trends on those pairs are overextended and therefore due a correction.

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