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Current version - 1.04
Published - December 2020
Last update - December 28th 2020

Do you trade using multiple time frames? Are you tired of the time it takes to find multiple time frames that agree? ‚ÄčTrend-Viewer Pro has been specifically designed to read the trend of every time frame and every market, simultaneously, making it much easier for you to find markets with time frame correlation, so you can focus on the best markets.

cycle finder pro mt4 download                     cycle finder pro mt4 download

  • See the trend on all time frames
  • Makes market analysis mush easier and faster than ever before
  • Choose the time frames you want to trade
  • Build a watchlist of all correlated markets
Trading requires the knowledge and understanding of trends on multiple time frames. This takes time and is often overlooked as a result, but even when carried out it can also be misread, leading to trading errors. Using Trend-Viewer Pro means you will always know what the trends are on all the relevant time frames around your trade, meaning you can trade the right conditions and best markets, every time.
Trend Viewer Pro
The ultimate trend reading indicator

This intelligent MT4 indicator reads price action in real time and confirms the trend on every time frame and every market, simultaneously, so you can easily find the best trading conditions. Whether you're a trend, reversal, or range trader, knowing the conditions on the time frames around you will mean you always trade the same conditions. Trading the same conditions over and over again, means you will be a much more consistent trader, with a greater probability of getting your trades right. 

Trend traders in particular know just how important it is to trade inline with higher time frame trends, but this takes time to find. Trend-Viewer Pro makes it easy to find markets with trend agreement, so you can spend more time focusing on your trading and less time flicking through charts looking for trends.

Video - Introduction to Trend-Viewer Pro

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How to use the indicator

All the markets displayed on your MT4 marketwatch can be accessed from within the indicator settings and added to your display list. You can also choose up to 9 time frames to follow, from the 1 minute to the 1 month time frames. 
  • We recommend you only add up to 12 markets at any one time and only add the markets you wish to trade.
  • We recommend using no more than 4 time frames. 2 time frames above your entry time frame to confirm the trend, 1 time frame below your entry time frame to help time entry, and the time frame you want to trade. 
    • Example shown below would be the ideal set up for someone trading the 1 hour chart.
Trend Viewer Pro settings

 How to add markets on Trend Viewer Pro

Adding Markets

When you view a market on the chart that is not already on your watchlist, an 'Add' button will be displayed beside that market. If that market meets your requirements, you can simply click Add and it will be added to the rest of the markets on your list, and will remain there until you delete it.

Delete markets on Trend Viewer Pro

Deleting Markets

If a market no longer meets your requirements, you can simply hover your cursor over that market and a 'Del' button will appear beside that market. Clicking this will delete the market from the list so you can concentrate on the best markets that remain on the list.


Settings and Parameters
Trend Viewer Pro settings
On first loading the indicator, you will be presented with a set of options as 'input parameters'. These are designed to help you get the most from the indicator and will allow you to optimise settings such as refresh speed, colour preference and text size. They are easy to understand but if there is any doubt we have outlined below what they each mean.
Timer Interval:
This is the frequency with which the indicator reads and refreshes the trend arrows for each market and time frame. The value is shown in milliseconds, meaning the default setting of 5000ms is 5 seconds. If you have a slower machine, you may wish to increase this value to 7 or 10 seconds.
ATR multiplier for over-sized detection:
This has been added to eliminate over-sized bars from the chart (over-sized bars greater than chosen ATR will not be counted in cycles analysis), so that the indicator can still focus on the true cycles for trend identification. The default ATR is 3 but this can be amended to take into account larger or smaller candles if preferred. We recommend 3 as a starting point for all users.
Bar limit:
This is the number of candles the indicator reads to determine what the current trend is for a market or time frame. Can be reduced to speed up calculation time but we recommend not going lower than 100. 
Trend Up Color:
The color displayed for up-trending arrows.
Trend Down Color:
The color displayed for down-trending arrows
Trend Sideways Color:
The color displayed for sideways/no trend arrows
Trend Text Color:
The color displayed for all market and time frame text
Trend Font & Arrow Size:
Size of text and arrows displayed in the indicator
Trend Corner:
This allows you to set where you would like to position the indicator inside your chart window. By default it will be displayed on the lower right hand corner but you can choose to move it to which ever corner best meets your needs. 

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cycle finder pro mt4 download                     cycle finder pro mt4 download

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