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Making markets clear is exactly what we do, it’s not just a catchy name. With so many markets to choose from, finding the right markets to trade can be hard work and very time consuming. TradeSeeker™ finds the optimum markets to trade in seconds, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.
Find your right market today

Simple to useFind the optimum markets in just a few simple clicks

Stay protectedKnow what markets to avoid and keep you capital safe

Optimum market alerts

Our COT Index alerts quickly point you in the direction of the best markets to trade every week, saving you from hours of endless market research required to find them yourself. A COT Index reading above 90% will give a bullish alert while a reading below 10% will give a bearish alert. 3 different look back periods are automatically calculated from 3 years to 6 months, guiding short, medium and long term traders alike. 


Extreme alerts

Our ATH (All Time High) and ATL (All Time Low) alerts highlight markets where buying or selling have reached levels never seen before. Market tops and bottoms are often accompanied with extreme levels of buying or selling, giving you the perfect opportunity to profit.


Plan ahead

Our additional Seasonality data means you not only have access to all the latest market supply and demand data but you can also see how supply and demand is likely to affect the markets in the future. The combination of Commitments of Trader data and detailed market Seasonality, gives you a complete view of any market.