Trade with the market, not against it

Never again will you enter a trend just as it ends or believe a trend is ending only for it to roar on for weeks. The information you need to avoid these mistakes is just a few simple clicks away. The Commitments of Traders is the only true record of what is happening right now in the markets, that can be accessed by private/retail traders. Trade with confidence, not in isolation. 

Leave these mistakes behind, get started today

Trend tradingSee trends begin and know when to enter

Counter trend tradingSee the signs aheads that the tide is about to turn. 

Stay ahead

Dont get caught on the wrong side of the market. Our % change stats and charts will allow you to see market swings as they happen and so you can stay protected or even capitalise on changing market sentiment. An extreme change in positioning can lead to very profitable market corrections and you'll be ready and waiting when they do.