What we do

Want to compete on a level playing field, have access to the information that drives financial markets and ultimately
be a consistently profitable trader? MarketsMadeClear.com gives you the tools to do just that. Technology
has brought private traders closer to the markets but the gulf in information available to
professional and private traders still remains. We are about putting that right.



Who we are

MarketsMadeClear.com was created with the sole aim of bridging the gulf in information available to private
traders, closing the performance gap with professionals in the process. Gone are the days when the only
route to financial markets for the little guy was through a professional money manager. Nowadays
anyone can access themarkets and we believe everyone should have access to
the information that drives them.


What people are saying

“You have shown me the difference between gambling and
serious analytic trading” 
Seb, USA

“The Matrix is one of the most incredibly useful and
insightful tools I have used”.
Carol, ENG

“The newsletters and Matrix have been
invaluable for my learning”
Simon, AUS

“The newsletters are absolutely brilliant, my trading
highlight of the week”
Ian, ENG

"Brilliant! The 5 Point guide to reading
charts is the secret to mechanically and
consistently reading charts"
Tom, ENG

"For the first time I have made profit after years
of losing money"
Clerance, SA

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